Windows 10 LiveTile

Windows 10 offers LiveTiles by default as a System Service, so there is not much to do for Implementation. Basically, only the right Feed URL have to be configured, the Widget APIs will handle the Rest.

The most easy Way for Implementing this is to use the uap:TileUpdate Setting in the AppXManifest.xml:

<uap:TileUpdate Recurrence="halfHour" UriTemplate="" />

WIDGET-HASH is the Reference Hash of an existing AutoExport Widget within nexxOMNIA

WIDGET-SECRET is an optional Security Mechanism, that can be enabled within nexxOMNIA

APP-ID is the ID of an existing nexxOMNIA App for the Windows Platform (optional)

After that, the Widget is already active and working.

Please make sure to escape the "&" Symbols correctly for XML - for better Readibility, they have been simplified in the Example.

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