This Documentation shall guide you through the Implementation of the nexxPLAY Media Player into your Websites and Apps..

For most Cases, the Integration via the Javascript SDK is most appropriate and offers the most Possibilities.

Javascript SDK

Nevertheless, in some Scenarios, the iFrame Integration may be more easy to handle.

iFrame Integration

If you are working with a WordPress Environment, it may be helpfull to use the official nexxPLAY WordPress Plugin.

Wordpress Plugin

If you need the Player in an AMP Environment, nexxPLAY also comes with a native AMP Plugin, that can be embedded right away.

Google AMP

If your Web Project is based on React, you might need the React Plugin.

React Plugin

In case, that you are working with native Apps, you will find Links and initial Integration Help here.

nexxPLAY for iOSnexxPLAY for Android

For native Apps, based on Flutter, you will find the official Flutter Plugin here.

nexxPLAY for Flutter

If you are planning to use Widgets to promote your Content throughout Web, PWA, iFrames and native Apps, you can use the nexxPLAY Widgets here.


In case you have additional Questions, use the nexxOMNIA Help System

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