more Integrations

Besides the Javascript SDK and the iFrame Integration, under certain Circumstances, there may be better or additional Ways to include or reference nexxPLAY on your Website.

The Google AMP Plugin is helpfull for AMP Environment and should be used there, whenever possible in any AMP Project.

pageGoogle AMP

Facebook Instant Articles also support nexxPLAY, the easiest Way to integrate this can be found here:

If you look for special Considerations for Integrating nexxPLAY into WebViews, there are a few Options to consider.


For very advanced Projects, consider using a WebComponent instead of an iFrame, which offers also the Functionalities of the Javascript SDK


And for Pages, that are looking for more Views by allowing everyone to embed their Players and Media, it may be a good Idea to offer an oEmbed Discovery Link

pageoEmbed Discovery

For special Occasions, you might want to share a complete Player Page for external Users. Maybe even for a Media Item, that is not published yet. For those cases, you can use the nexxOMNIA Preview Links.

pagePreview Links

If you need more Options to modify the Media Covers live, the Cover Service may help here.

pageCover Service

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