nexxPLAY Addons offer a convenient way to add additional Functionality, that is somehow connected to the Activity of the Player to an Element of the Page, but outside of the Player Container. These Addons are only available in "API" Datamode with SDK Integrations (and not available in native SDKs).

As a general Rule, the SDK must be configured to add the Javascript Code of the desired Addon (can be setup in nexxOMNIA or by 3Q). After that, the Player will get an additional CONTAINER-ID, where the Addon should be rendered. Please notice, that this additional Container will be Part of the Page afterwards and the Styling of the Elements in this Container is NOT handled by the Player. For easier Handling, the Addon CSS Classes are outlined below, so they can be styled easily by the Frontend Team.

The following Code for example will instruct the Player to display available Recommendations in the Container "otherDiv" (for the full List of Container Configuration Options, check SDK Override Options).

let playerConfig = new _play.PlayerConfiguration({recoBoxContainer:'otherDiv',...});
let player = _play.control.addPlayer("div", streamtype, playerConfig);

As usual, the nexxPLAY Addons also emit Events for important Activities. Please be aware, that those Events cannot be received via the PlayState Listener Callbacks (as they are not related to Media Playback). The Frontend must register an AddonListener Function, if it needs those Events.

CSS Rules

Container CSS Classes

Item CSS Classes

Comment Addon additional CSS Classes

LiveTicker Addon additional CSS Classes

Poll Addon additional CSS Classes

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