oEmbed Discovery

Many Third-Party Services rely on an oEmbed Discovery Service, integrated into a Website. Although nexxPLAY cannot embed the oEmbed Discovery Link directly, nexxOMNIA can construct the necessary oEmbed URL, that can be integrated into your Frontends. This oEmbed Link can also be obtained by using the nexxOMNIA API.

You integrate the oEmbed Discovery Link like this:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/json+oembed" 

Per Default, the oEmbed Service returns JSON - if you need XML, the URL and Mimetype would look like this:

<link rel="alternate" type="text/xml+oembed" 

The URL Attribute is normally the current Webpage. If Embedding is allowed in the nexxOMNIA Settings and nexxOMNIA can find the Media Object URL (with a corresponding /slug Attribute or a Domain Media Template), the oEmbed Service will return a valid oEmbed Response (in JSON or XML, exposing all necessary Metadata for the target iFrame).

Furthermore, the oEmbed Service will also respond to Calls with a Shortcut URL like the following:


The :domainid Parameter is the Domain ID of the Media Object

The :streamtype Parameter is the Media Type

The :mediahash Parameter is the Hash ID of the Media Object

The :deliverypartner Parameter is optional. If given, it must be the ID of an exisiting Delivery Partner of the Domain of the Media Object.

Both URL Building Options support the following oEmbed Standard Parameters:




the desired Width of the iFrame. If omitted, the default Value will be 640px (or, in Case of a Portrait Media, 360px)


the desired Height of the iFrame. If omitted, the default Value will be 360px (or, in Case of a Portrait Media, 640px)

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