Android TV Channel

Basic Integration

Make the following changes to your Projects build.gradle

        maven { url "" }

add the following dependencies

dependencies { 
    implementation ""

Configure the TV Channel Row by adding the following Settings to your values/strings.xml:

    <string name="recommendations_channel_name">Initial Channel Name</string>
    <string name="recommendations_domain" translatable="false">YOUR_DOMAIN_ID</string>
    <string name="recommendations_feed_hash" translatable="false">YOUR_FEED_HASH</string>
    <string name="recommendations_linkintent_uri" translatable="false">YOUR_REGISTERED_APP_INTENT_URI</string>
    <!-- only needed, if the Feed is secured with a Secret -->
    <string name="recommendations_feed_secret" translatable="false">YOUR_FEED_SECRET</string>
    <!-- this Parameter can be obtained from 3Q nexx or nexxOMNIA -->
    <string name="recommendations_app" translatable="false">YOUR_APP_ID</string>

Prepare the necessary Image Asset (Channel Logo JPG) and place them under src/main/res/drawable/






Icon to be shown near the Channel Contents

Handling Intent

Once a User clicks on any Item of the Channel Row, your App is automatically opened with the corresponding Media. This will only work, if the "recommendations_linkintent_uri" String is configured correctly. Futhermore, nexxOMNIA must have the same URI in the Feed Configuration and a valid Template for constructing the Media IDs, that your App can understand.

Enhanced Methods

It is possible to update/refresh/reconfigure the Recommendation Row from your App directly with the following Methods:


public class MainActivity {

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        RecommendationManager manager= new RecommendationManager(this.getContext());
        //update the Configuration and refresh the Feed
        RecommendationConfigurationconfig=new RecommendationConfiguration(
            new HashMap<String, Object>() {{
               put("feedUpdateInterval", 30);
        //updating only the Channel without any new Configuration
        //enabling background Sync and automatic Updates

The Recommendation will normally automatically be created and updated by a System Intent on Installation. Nevertheless, updating it manually with these Methods wont disturb the (possibly) existing initial Settings.


WatchNext is an automatic Row on androidTV, that automatically syncs the Users View Progress and displays them on the StartPage. This is handled by nexxPLAY alone, the Recommendation SDK is not needed for this.

Both Systems though need a valid App Intent URI and a Logic, on how nexxOMNIA/nexxPLAY can construct the Apps Media Reference. Contact 3Q nexx, if the Details are unclear.

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