Google AMP

The nexxPLAY Embed Code System works automatically also in a Google AMP Environment. Nothing has to be changed compared to the default Way of Embedding.

AMP Plugin

3Q offers an official AMP Plugin for nexxPLAY, which handles all available Settings automatically.

You can find all Details of this Plugin here:

A basic Integration would look like this:



data-mediaid (required)

Represents the ID of the media you want to play.

data-client OR data-domain-id(required)

Your domain ID.

data-streamtype (optional)

Indicates the media streaming type, which can be one of the following:

  • video (default)

  • audio

  • playlist

  • audioalbum

  • live

  • radio

  • set

  • rack

  • collection

data-mode (optional)

Indicates the data mode, which can be static (default) or api.

data-disable-ads (optional)

Ads are enabled by default. Set value to 1 to disable.

data-streaming-filter (optional)

Set streaming filter e.g. "nxp-bitrate-0750" for max 750kbit max bitrate.

data-exit-mode (optional)

Defines player exit screen

  • replay

  • loop

  • load

common attributes

This element includes common attributes extended to AMP components.

Custom AMP iFrame

You do not have to use the Plugin, you can also use your own iFrame Solution, if necessary. In those Cases though, it will help to indicate to the Player, that this iFrame is displayed in an AMP Environment:

Although not necessary in all Situations, adding the "platform=amp" Parameter will help the Player to distinguish Platforms and optimize Reporting.

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