The nexxPLAY SDK also supports Integration via WebComponents.

After the initialization of the SDK, a WebComponent Class can be registered globally, if the Browser supports these APIs.

The nexxPLAY WebComponent will be integrated into HTML like this:


The HTML Tag supports the Attributes data-mediaid (necessary), data-streamtype (optional, will be set to "video", if omitted) and an optional data-config Attribute.

The Config Attribute must be a JSON encoded String of an Object, that would serve as Source for a _play.PlayerConfiguration Object.

After the nexxPLAY SDK has been loaded, the Instance can be started as a WebComponent:

    // provider a Fallback

In this Moment, the custom HTML Tag has been registered and will start the nexxPLAY Instance in the given Container. For registering for Events or further Control, the WebComponent Container offers a method to get the _play.PlayerInstance Instance, which runs inside the HTML Container and exposes the regular SDK Methods:

let instance = document.getElementById("player").getInstance();
let mediaData = instance.getMediaData();

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