Cover Service

In nearly every Scenario, nexxOMNIA produces the necessary Image Files for all Covers and other Image Contexts of every Media Item backendwise in all necessary Sizes and Formats for optimal Delivery.

Nevertheless, in certain Situations, there may be the need for a special Cover in a specific Size or with a specific Overlay. You can use the Image Gateway Cover Service for this.

General Usage

You generate a Service URL with the following Template:

The :streamtype and :mediaid Parameters define the target Media Object as usual

The :operation Parameter defines the Behaviour of the URL after the Image Creation:

  • redirect does not return anything but redirects the Browser via 302 HTTP Response to the CDN Location of the Cover of this Media Object

  • direct will return the CDN Image directly (slower than redirect)

  • transform will return the Image directly, but adds Transforms to it.

  • cachedtransform behaves like transform, but will store the result permanently on the Asset CDN

The :sizing Parameter refers to the desired Image Resolution or Image Context

The :format Parameter defines the Image Format. Supported Formats are jpg, png, webp and avif. If omitted, the original File Extension will be used.

Optional Query Parameters

Image Sizing and Context

Available Transform Operations

The Image Transform Operations are a powerfull Way to instantly recreate the given Images. Please notice though, that the more Operations are added, the slower the Result will be.

Generally, the URL Pattern for a given Transform is "/transform:ACTIONS:PARAMETERS" where Actions will be defined below and Parameters are optional. Both URL Parts are technically Comma seperated Lists of Values, but it is strongly advised to only use one Operation, if possible.






All Examples will be used on a Sample Video with ID 1580785.

You only want the Cover:

The same Cover, but in maximal Resolution and in WEBP Format

The same Cover, but now with a PlayButton on Top

The same Cover, but with some Effects applies to it and the PlayButton on Top,swirl:0,80?addPlayButton=1

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