Player DataMode

nexxPLAY is able to work in a staticDataMode, which works without usage of the API. Every Client is allowed to enable this DataMode for their Players by using the appropriate SDK Overrides (or configure the general Rule via nexxOMNIA).

Please notice the following Restrictions of this DataMode carefully:

  • Only available with the Playmodes: video, scene, audio, live and radio. The GlobalID System also supports this DataMode (as long as it references a Streamtype, that supports it). The "autoContent" and "remote" Playback Modes do not support static DataMode.

  • Will not work, if CDN Security methods (Tokenizing, DRM) are used.

  • Due to the fact, that the player uses a pre-rendered JSON Config file in this case, it is not guaranteed, that Domain Settings, Metadata and Video Suggestions always reflect the latest Configuration. The Backend Service will update these Files as soon as possible, but if up-to-date Information is absolutely necessary, the usage of this DataMode is not suitable.

  • The following Functionalities of nexxPLAY will be automatically disabled:

    • MultiLanguage Texts

    • Pay Management

    • User-based Features (Favourites, personal Recommendations, Likes etc)

    • Addons (except Recommendations)

    • Session-based Restrictions:

      • Geo restricted Access

      • Device Number restricted Access

      • User Login State restricted Access

    • Geo-specific Ad Providers

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