Setting the Platform

nexxPLAY will work in WebViews out of the Box. It is strongly recommended though to use the Javascript SDK instead of iFrames here - nevertheless, iFrames will work most of the Times too.

If the Player will be shown in your own native App in a hybrid Context, you might want to inform the Player about this Gateway for statistical Purposes. You can use an SDK Method for this:

//supported are iOS and android WebViews. Choose the right Platform (lowercase)

You can find all available Configuration Settings here:

Player Management

UI and Functionality

As the WebView in your hybrid App is under your Control, you can decide to disable (or force) certain common Web Restrictions (like AutoPlay, FullScreen etc). nexxPLAY will automatically detect, if Fullscreen and PictureInPicture Functionalities are available.

Nevertheless, if you want to use AutoPlay with active Sound without a User Gesture, you can configure your WebView to behave like that. There is no Way to detect this for nexxPLAY though, so you can force the Player to behave like this by using the following Override:

var cfg=new _play.PlayerConfiguration({

In modern Apps without Borders and a fully stretched UI, the Player UI might intefere with the Status Bar or a physical Notch. This specific Case can be handled with another Override:

var cfg=new _play.PlayerConfiguration({

You can find all available Overrides here:

SDK Override Options

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