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VAST Macros

nexxPLAY can automatically modify given VAST/VPAID URLs with dynamic content on the fly. As every Ad Provider uses its own Set of Macros/dynamic Replacements, you must modify the VAST URL from your Provider by replacing its Macro Syntax by a Syntax, that nexxPLAY can parse.
The following Macros are currently supported:
a random Value (often called CacheBuster)
a unique ID (of the Session)
the URL of the current Page (or of the parent Page, if inside an iFrame)
the result of a predefined Function, that the Player will call to get this String (not available in Apps, iFrames or AMP)
the current Width of the Player
the current Height of the Player
the Media ID
the Media Title
the Media Duration (in Seconds, not available on Live Media)
the Position of the current Media inside a Container
the Ad Reference Token of the Media Channel
the Ad Reference Token of the Media Studio
the Ad Reference Token of the current Domain
the Ad Reference Token of the Delivery Partner of the Session
the Ad Reference Token of the Campaign of the Session
depending on a TCF 2.0 compliant Frontend, this will be "1" or "0"
the Consent String of the Pages TCF Environment
the current User denied/allowed the Use of personalized Ads/Tracking
depending of the Login State, will be "user" or "non_user"
the App Ad Identifier (IDFA) (only in native Players)
the App Bundle ID (only in native Players)
These Macros are also supported by nexxPLAY for iOS and nexxPLAY for android.