Javascript SDK

After the nexxPLAY SDK is ready, the Frontend can embed as many Widget Containers on the Frontend as desired.
CONTAINER-ID is the id of the target Container on the Page, that the Widget will be inserted into. Please notice, that the Container should have a given width/height in either inline CSS or by a CSS Document to allow the Widget to measure its Dimensions.
WIDGET-HASH is the Reference Hash of an existing AutoExport Widget within nexxOMNIA
WIDGET-SECRET is an optional Security Mechanism, that can be enabled within nexxOMNIA
The mentioned CONFIG is similar to nexxPLAY a Configuration Object, but of Type WidgetConfiguration.
var obj = { feedUpdateInterval: 30, slideUpdateInterval:10 };
var cfg = new _play.WidgetConfiguration(obj);
cfg.addOverride("animation", "zoom");
var widget = _play.control.addWidget("div", "HASH", "SECRET", cfg);
You can find a List of all available Override Options here:
The addWidget Method will return a _play.WidgetInstance Object, which can be used to control the Widget via JavaScript after Initialization.